The youth is a very important group of a church as they are the future of the church.  Our youth group is 6th through 12th grade.

Several of our youth recently went through confirmation classes. This is when they learn more in depth about God and profess their faith.

The youth participate in local outreach ministries and helps with ministries through other groups within the church. One of the ministries of our youth is their skit ministry. As the different skits are learned, they perform the skits during worship.  They also like to help the younger children during plays or other activities.  The group regularly meets to learn about scripture through study and discussion.

There are planned evens for fun as well like game nights, ice cream outings (no limit on toppings), movies and concerts. The youth also participates in the spring Kannapolis Missional network trip to Camp Tekoa where they participate in the mission activity of helping prepare the camp for summer, worship, and have fun like jumping in a mountain lake in April. BRRRRRR!

The youth meets Sunday afternoons at the church at 2:00PM.  We would love to see you there!