Who We Are

Royal Oaks is the United Methodist Church in the Royal Oaks community of Kannapolis, North Carolina. We believe a relationship with Christ is a lifelong journey which becomes the foundation of who we are and the basis for how we serve each other. Our mission of Seeking, Serving, and Worshiping… Jesus Christ is the road map for our Christian journey.

Seeking is all about strengthening our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  God’s gracious presence stirs within us a desire to know Jesus Christ as our Savior. We receive a stronger understanding of what God has done for our salvation through Jesus Christ as we study  scripture, pray, attend small groups, our own personal experiences, and worship. At Royal Oaks UMC we look for new ways and methods to make these opportunities of seeking Jesus Christ not only available to the church community but also available to the community around the church as well.

Serving is a direct response to the salvation we receive through Jesus Christ. Because of what Jesus Christ has done for us, we offer our lives back to God through service. Serving is a category that is large in scope and is based on each person’s talents and gifts. Some like to plan and lead. Others may excel in helping. There are those who like to serve in the church. Others enjoy community outreach or worldwide mission trips. At Royal Oaks UMC we do not like to get bogged down in saying we do this outreach or that mission. We participate in the outreach and missions that each person is inspired by.  This creates a great flexibility in how we serve. It is amazing how many others are interested in an outreach or mission once someone brings it up.  Whatever way you wish to serve, Royal Oaks UMC is here to help.

Worship is one of the means in which we seek God through thanksgiving, praise, and honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Worship is not something that we only do on Sunday morning, but we do throughout the week.  During the 10:30am worship service Sunday mornings we utilize music, scripture, prayer, and different types of media as part of the worship experience. On the first Sunday of every month we celebrate Holy Communion. All persons are invited to the Lord’s Table.  There is even time set aside for the children to have their own sermon time.  Join us this Sunday to begin or continue your journey with Jesus Christ.