Small Groups

underwrapsWe form groups without even being aware of it. The desire to belong is at the core of each of us. Small Groups are a means of finding a place for people to connect on a more intimate and personal level within the church.

Small groups are one of the ways in which Royal Oaks UMC supports each other in our Christian journey. No matter where we are in our journey we are able to learn from each other, not only through study but through each other’s experiences as well.

Recent small groups include a study on forgiveness and one on missions. This year the church is doing an all church study during the advent season.

We are in the process of planning additional studies on mission, prayer, and teaching the ways of Christ. These studies are not only planned and lead by the pastor but are inspired and led by others in the church as well.

Small groups may meet at the church but they may also meet at other locations as well. The mission study recently met at Starbucks on Wednesday evenings. We not only studied but shared in fellowship while drinking exotic coffees, smoothies and hot chocolate.

If you are interested in studying a specific topic, we look forward in supporting and joining you in a small group.